Welcome to LIVING

Make yourself at home while you dream up, design, and decorate your own home.

Our Story

Somewhere in Kuwait, in an ordinary house, lived a young working mother with a lively imagination. Ever since she was a little girl, she was drawn to creating art, which at that point meant streaks of color on white paper. As she grew up, her interest in fashion design thrived, as did her fondness for the world of interiors. What fascinated her most in those fields was the satisfaction of creating something from scratch that spoke of the artist’s personality. Not much has changed today, except for her job, which is as the founder of LivingKwt.

The idea for Living originated as she was hurrying from one home furniture shop to another, looking for pieces she needed for a gathering she was hosting. And she wasn’t the only one. With the low visibility and autonomy of the local home furniture scene, other customers too had to find the time to search through a number of stores for the home interior pieces they wanted. While pondering the idea of an online home shopping destination, she realized that the local interior design market was underappreciated. This widened the scope of what would become LivingKwt going beyond an e-commerce store, and turning into an online community dedicated to home interiors.

At the end of a busy day, little compares to the place you call home to restore your sense of balance. Through LivingKwt, we wanted to make designing and furnishing your home achievable, without taking you away from it in the process.


At Living, we are believers of ideal design. To us, the word ideal means personal, and not perfect. When we think of our ideal home, it’s not the biggest or most lavish (though that may very well be your definition), but it’s warm, has just enough space to make memories with loved ones, and is a reflection of ‘us’. We want Living to be a space that adapts to your preferences, and makes a comforting and beautiful home easy to attain, and by your terms.

What We Do?

We connect you with talented interior designers and select vendors through an online platform that inspires beautiful designs, and that makes them reachable. It’s as simple as:

  • Shop online from local vendors we’ve handpicked based on quality and originality, and we’ll deliver your orders to you.
  • Browse through profiles of local interior designers to view their work, and easily connect with your favorite(s) to design your home’s interiors.
  • Gather the latest tips and inspiration from our blog on home interiors.

You can do all of those things whenever you want, and from the comfort of your own home.